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Rosario + Vampire Fanfiction--Mizore x Moka

Author's Note: Most of the people reading this probably haven't seen the anime Rosario + Vampire, nor have you read the manga--but I'm sure you will be able to enjoy reading this nonetheless. This fanfiction is indeed a yuri, with the paring of Inner Moka and Mizore. If you don't like yuri then don't read it. (yuri means the romance is between two girls.) There are some slightly mature themes in this, though there aren't any lemons. Please enjoy!
Disclaimer: I do not own Rosario + Vampire. This story was written purely for entertainment; I do not profit in any way from posting this. All rights go to their respective owners. Thank you!

Mizore Shirayuki was not having a good day. Today was her first day back at Youkai Academy, and it was not going well. She woke up in a chronic bad mood, forgetting her favorite flavor of lollipops in her room—mint, forcing her to go to the school store later to buy some. She toyed with the grape lollipop in her mouth, walking down the path to the school.
            She pulled her wide sleeves over her hands, relishing the cool breeze over her bare shoulders. Mizore giggled to herself in anticipation at seeing Tsukune again today, her one-and-only. Tsukune was being pursued by a few other girls as well—Kurumu, the succubus, Moka, the vampire, and Yukari, a witch, although she didn’t consider Yukari any competition. Tsukune saw her only as a sister and nothing more.
            Mizore was nothing if not loyal, and despite her long rivalry with Moka and Kurumu, they were still the only friends she had. Mizore especially liked Moka, who was sweet, caring, thoughtful…everything Mizore wanted in a future mate.
            She stopped suddenly. Did I…did I just think Moka would be like my ideal mate? Once the thought process started, it couldn’t stop. Moka would be a great girlfriend, but for a guy, not me! But…do I want her as my girlfriend? Mizore’s jaw dropped and her purple lollipop fell out. She didn’t notice.
            All this time I’ve been chasing after Tsukune, when my one-and-only had been there the whole time…No. I can’t take her away from Tsukune. He’s the only one who can take off her rosario. I don’t want Inner Moka to be trapped forever. Mizore frowned. Who said Tsukune was the only one who could take it off? All the other girls were monsters and could defend themselves; the only person who tried consistently was her sister Kokoa, to no avail.
            In that one second, Mizore realized that she didn’t love Tsukune. She loved Moka. She knew what she had to do.

            “You want us to what?!” Kurumu Korono gasped, hands on her hips, glaring at Mizore.
            “Exactly what I said. I want us to stop chasing after Tsukune. It’s obvious only Moka could make him happy.” Despite the fact that she didn’t have feelings for him anymore, Mizore still felt a pang in her chest at the thought of giving up on him. She had tried for two years to get him to be hers; what would she do without that purpose? Determined, she pushed that thought away and mirrored Kurumu’s stance.
            “I can NOT give up on Tsukune! He’s my Destined One! I refuse to lose to that vampire!”
            Mizore shrugged then, her hands falling back to her sides. “I can’t force you to do anything, but we all know that you’ll never get him. Tsukune loves Moka.” The instant she said it, Mizore realized it was exactly the wrong thing to say.
            “No, he loves me! I can get him and I will! I don’t care if you go after him or not anymore—that just means less competition, not that you were any from the start.” Mizore let that comment wash over her. She had tried her hardest with Tsukune and it failed. That just meant she had to move on. Move on to Moka.
            To Moka…

            In literature class that day, Mizore’s favorite, Tsukune wasn’t there. She sat in the seat in front of him, all-too-aware of Moka’s presence two seats behind her. She cupped her cheek in one hand and stared out the window. It would be raining soon. That meant Moka would have to stay in her dorm room.
            Mizore found herself remembering all the times she had seen Inner Moka. The one time they really talked was when her cooking teacher went crazy trying to turn everyone into curry monsters. She had made ice curry for all her friends, which they loved. She remembered the way she had agonized over that curry for Tsukune, when in reality she wanted Moka to eat it. Inner Moka had always been arrogant and cold and enigmatic, yet Mizore still wanted to be closer to her. She had no idea how to go about telling Moka of her devotion; she didn’t even know if she should. Moka would be happier with Tsukune.
            “Uh, Mizore…?” Nekonome’s voice broke in on her thoughts. “Did you hear that?”
            “Hear what?” she asked in her quiet voice.
            “You’re going to be doing a project on someone famous in literature. I’m going to choose your partner and your assignment. Okay?”
            Mizore nodded.
            “Okay…” Nekonome checked her roster and said, without looking up, “You’ll be with Miss Akashiya, doing a project on...” she thought for a moment. “Sappho.”  

            Moka was having mixed feelings. Tsukune wasn’t in class that day, and she had a clear view of Mizore from behind. Her green eyes admired her short purple hair, the pale shade of her shoulders. Moka felt something warm pool in her belly, something she felt only when she caught sight of Tsukune or sucked his blood. Is that attraction? Am I attracted to Mizore? Moka shook her head, as if capable of flinging the thoughts out of her mind. She pushed them away and resolutely stared at her notebook. She began repeating to herself ‘I love Tsukune,’ almost as if to convince herself of it.

            Mizore was having some difficulty restraining herself around Moka. They planned on meeting out by the strange red ocean, to feel the breeze and just talk about how they plan to do their project. She laughed to herself at the irony of being assigned Sappho, the ancient lesbian poet. Just my luck, Mizore thought. She didn’t have a clue how this would turn out, only that it was bound to be awkward.
            “Mizore!” She turned and saw Moka running towards her, fear in her eyes. Mizore leapt up off the ground instantly, noticing for the first time the monster racing after Moka. Moka caught up to her and Mizore shoved her behind her, glaring down the beast.
            “What are you doing to Moka?” she demanded, her voice giving her words an effect opposite of what she wanted. He merely laughed, walking towards them slowly, as if to give them time to relish the fear. They didn’t.
            “She wouldn’t let me screw around with her! What kind of bitch does that?!” Mizore almost laughed at this. Moka had been in this situation more times than she could count. Tsukune wasn’t anywhere around to take off her rosario, so Mizore would have to fight him. She transformed into her monster form and snarled. She would get pleasure out of fighting this bastard.
            To both girl’s surprise, he laughed. “You don’t know what kind of monster I am, do you, Yuki-Onna?” Mizore didn’t reply, only stared at him wordlessly. “I am a fire monster!” He flung a ball of fire at Mizore, who stayed in front of Moka, protecting her.
            The fire struck her chest, and instantly she was enveloped with a heat she had never felt before. It spread all throughout her body, agonizingly hot.

            Moka watched as Mizore took a fire blow for her, watched as she crumpled to the ground in pain. “Mizore!” she screamed, kneeling down beside her. Mizore’s eyes were shut tight. Moka lightly touched the side of her face and Mizore’s eyes fluttered open.
            “Moka…” she said, reaching up to do the same. She missed, though, and her hand fell, but not before tearing off her rosario. Mizore’s eyes closed once more, and they did not open again.

            Inner Moka stood, angrily facing the monster. This Moka had known for quite awhile that she loved Mizore; it was only her outer self who had difficulty coming to terms with these things. She glared at him, enraged beyond belief.
            “Know your place!” she screamed as she kicked him, sending him spinning a great distance away.

            Mizore became aware of several things at once. First, she was completely naked. Second, she was covered by what felt like silk sheets, though she couldn’t be certain. Third, she wasn’t in her own room, which smelled like winter, frost and mint. This room smelled like strawberries and loneliness (she knew because Mizore had grown quite acquainted with loneliness over the years).
            “I know you’re awake,” came a strangely familiar yet unfamiliar voice. Mizore’s eyes fluttered and opened. Inner Moka stood over her, white hair cascading beautifully down her back. Mizore’s breath caught and a faint blush stained her cheeks. Moka wore nothing but a red silk sheet clutched tightly to her chest, much like the one covering Mizore now.
            “M-Moka? What happened? Where am I?”
            “You’re in my room. That guy beat you up pretty badly; I hadn’t realized just how much you needed to be cold.” Moka paused, red eyes searching Mizore’s ice blue ones. “Why didn’t you move?” she asked abruptly. “I’m a vampire; I would have healed much faster than you and I wouldn’t have been hurt nearly as badly.”
            Mizore paused. She knew why she hadn’t moved, and she had a pretty good idea that Moka had a strong suspicion, but she wasn’t quite ready to admit the whole truth, so she told Moka as much as she possibly could at this point, mumbling her answer incoherently.
            “I’m sorry, what?”
            “I didn’t want him to mar your beautiful skin,” Mizore muttered, barely a decibel louder than her previous statement. Moka’s eyes narrowed.
            “I thought it was something along those lines.”
            Mizore stood then, her hand instinctively moving to hold the sheet just above her breasts, more out of habit than modesty. Her head spun with the sudden movement, but after a few seconds she was able to steady herself, looking up into Moka’s beautiful red eyes. “How long have you known?” she asked.
            Moka didn’t answer at first, instead letting her sheet fall and grabbing Mizore’s wrists, causing her sheet to drop to the floor as well. Mizore barely had time to gasp before Moka had her pushed against the wall, one leg insinuated between the snow woman’s readily parted ones.
            Moka leaned in, her mouth grazing the tip of Mizore’s pale ear. “My other self has believed herself to be in love with Tsukune for quite awhile, Mizore. But I was attracted to you the first moment I saw you; in fact, I found myself wanting to be out all the time in order to protect you. You’ve nearly been raped many times, haven’t you? If I had been there, they never would have seen the light of day again.”
            “You would have killed them?” Mizore asked, her breath hitching at the sensation of Moka’s cool breath washing over her. She felt rather than saw Moka’s smile.
            “There are things far worse than death, Mizore.” Moka dragged her lips down the side of Mizore’s neck then. Mizore was certain that if Moka hadn’t held her against the wall, she would have fallen.

            Inner Moka smiled to herself as she kissed the side of the snow woman’s neck. She knew exactly what she was doing to her; she felt her legs turn to jelly and she heard the soft gasp she emitted.
            Stop, Outer Moka’s voice said in her mind. Don’t you see what you’re doing to her?! Besides, we love Tsukune!
            No, Inner Moka thought back. You think we do, but in reality neither of us are in love with the pathetic human. I used him for blood, and you used him for your little fantasies, now didn’t you? You wanted the perfect little romance with him, when the truth is that both of us are in love with Mizore.
            “Moka…” Mizore whispered, bringing Moka’s attention back to the purple-haired girl and away from her inner argument.
            “I want…will you…can I…” Mizore trailed off, her cheeks pink. She turned her head to the side.
            “What is it?” Moka asked, not ungently.
            “Will you bite me?”
            When Moka leaned in and scraped her teeth against Mizore’s neck, she thought she would burst. The initial sting of the bite hurt, though not as much as she anticipated, and then there was warmth and the sensation of Moka’s lips on her neck, which wasn’t at all unpleasant. Mizore’s hands fisted where Moka held them, her eyes shutting. She spread her legs more to situate herself on Moka’s thigh.
            The vampire released her wrists to grab her waist and push her harder against the wall. Mizore immediately twined her arms around her neck, threading her silky white hair through her fingers.
            Mizore’s blood was even more delicious than Tsukune’s was. Moka savored every drop of her blood that she could; when she felt Mizore becoming weak from blood loss and not the sensations Moka caused, she pulled back, loving Mizore’s expression almost as much as her blood. Moka felt Mizore’s wetness on her leg and smirked.
            “Moka…I…I don’t want to be used for my blood or for-for sex,” Mizore stammered, suddenly embarrassed, embarrassed that Moka could make her feel such things and that she had let it go on for so long.
            “You really think I’m using you?” Not that sex is a bad idea, Moka thought to herself. Oh, stop that! Outer Moka chastised. We can’t use her like this! Let her go and put the rosario back on! Inner Moka ignored her requests, choosing instead to pry Mizore’s arms from her neck and hold them, with one hand on her wrists, over Mizore’s head.
            “Mizore,” Moka murmured softly. “I love you.” Mizore blushed profusely, her ice blue eyes widening to impossible proportions. She struggled against Moka’s grasp then, causing the vampire to let go, more so out of shock that Mizore wanted her to let go than anything else. The snow woman grabbed a sheet to cover herself and dashed out of the room.

            In the safety of her own room, Mizore put on her trademark thigh-high socks, her blue and white striped panties, and the black tank top she wore underneath her white shirt. She curled up on her bed and sucked absentmindedly on a mint lollipop.
            Why did Moka tell me she loved me? Does she really…can she really…love me?

            Inner Moka stared at the door, remembering seeing Mizore run through it just moments ago. She knew Mizore was the one for her. She knew she loved Mizore. Moka sighed and clicked on her rosario. These things could be resolved later.
            Moka’s silver hair turned to pink, and she fell to the floor with a thud.
            Why did my other self tell Mizore she loved her? Am I in love with her as well? Moka thought back on all her times with Tsukune. She loved the taste of his blood, that she freely admitted, but did she love him as anything more than a friend and…a snack? Moka shook herself mentally. Why is this so hard to figure out? I’m not a lesbian!
            Ah, but you are, her other self replied through the rosario. I’ve known it for quite awhile. Since I was a child, at least. Vampires aren’t meant to shy away from their true nature. Admit it, you love Mizore just as much as I do. When was the last time Tsukune truly excited you?
            Moka had to think about that for a minute. Tsukune…he never did excite me, did he. It wasn’t a question and both Mokas knew it.
            I’m in love with Mizore! Moka realized with a gasp.

            Mizore decided to avoid Moka for a few days. She had only just realized her love for the vampire, and she wanted to spend some time alone. She visited the lake where she and Tsukune skipped stones on their first date.
            Mizore smiled sadly to herself, wishing it was Moka who had been there, not Tsukune. Kurumu could have him for all she cared.
            The yuki-onna froze the water and stepped out onto it, much more at home on ice than on land. She sighed as she realized that the one thing she could control was Moka’s one weakness. Tears began to fall as Mizore began to feel worthless and completely undeserving of either Moka. She will never be anything more than a snow fairy to the mighty vampire. Never.

            Across campus, Tsukune sat on the roof of the school, relishing the rare alone time he got from his harem. He had never quite appreciated all of them; he knew that, just as much as he knew that both Mizore and Moka had been absent from the group of girls frolicking around him, and that bothered him to no end. Tsukune sometimes wondered what his male friends back home would say if they could see the situation he was in, and each time he thought they would be insanely jealous.
            Not every guy has a group of beautiful girls constantly vying for his attention.
            And now two of them were missing. Well, three, depending on how you look at it, Tsukune corrected himself silently.
            “Tsukune!” called an all-too-familiar voice. He glanced up to see Kurumu bounding towards him, alone. He stood and smiled at her. Tsukune was always happy to see any of the girls in his harem, though he didn’t quite appreciate the things they did to him. Kurumu grabbed his head and shoved it into her chest, squealing happily. “Oh, Tsukune, you won’t believe it! Mizore told me that she’s given up on you and that she’s moving on! And Moka hasn’t been around much recently, has she? That means you’re all mine! Yahoo!”
            Tsukune pried her off him and stood, looking at her seriously. “What? They’ve given up on me?”
            “Well, the snow skank has. I don’t know about the vampire, but it would seem so!” Tsukune frowned. He had thought their devotion to be much stronger than that, but if they wanted to move on that was fine. It certainly made his choice much easier.

            Just outside the girl’s dorms stood a redheaded vampire, holding a mysterious package. Kokoa laughed to herself and opened the doors. This time I’ll finally get my big sis back!

            Moka sat in the huge bathtub, meant to fit all the girls if need be. She inhaled the scent of herbs needed to de-purify the water for her and smiled, eyes closed. She would relax in the bath and then go find Mizore. Moka was just beginning to really enjoy the sensation of the water against her smooth skin when the door burst open suddenly, causing her to jump and spin around to see who it was.
            “I finally have it, Moka! The one thing that will get my big sis back!” The smaller girl unwrapped the parcel she had been clutching tightly, letting the paper fall to reveal a mirror. Kokoa approached Moka and shoved it in her face; the instant Moka looked in it there was a bright explosion of light. Moka instinctively shielded her eyes and when the light faded, she saw her other self staring at her in blatant shock.
            “That’s Lilith’s Mirror!” Inner Moka said, angry. She stepped out of the bath in all her naked glory, intent on murdering her little sister, but instead Kokoa flung herself onto Inner Moka, hugging her enthusiastically. “Big sister! Big sister! I knew this would work, I just knew it!” Inner Moka pried her off and held her at arm’s length. Kokoa tried to squirm closer but was kicked away by her white-haired sibling.

            During the fight that followed the separation of both Moka’s, Lilith’s Mirror was cracked completely in two, ensuring that both personalities would be out until the Chairman could think up a solution to the problem.
            In their room that night, Outer Moka looked at Inner and smiled softly. “This is the first time I’ve gotten to see you.” She looks like Father, she thought.
            She looks like Mother, Inner Moka thought.
            “Now that we’re separated, for the time being, I believe we have a problem that needs to be discussed.” Inner Moka said primly, reclining elegantly on their desk chair. Outer Moka perched on the edge of the bed and stared at her expectantly, waiting for her to go on.
            “Mizore,” Moka said simply.
            “Ura…I don’t know what to do about her.” Outer Moka said, using her nickname for Inner Moka.
            “Well, we need to think of something, Omote,” Inner Moka used her nickname as well, smirking.
            “Why don’t we ask her to choose?”

            Mizore sighed, sinking heavily to her knees on the ice. I’ll never be seen as her equal, she thought. I will never be anything important to the Mighty Vampire Moka.
            She heard a noise behind her that sounded like footsteps on her ice. Mizore spun and saw Moka walking to her…Inner, and Outer. She froze, her mouth opening and closing.
            “Moka?” Mizore ran over to Inner Moka, standing in front of her uneasily. “Moka, what’s going on?”
            Inner Moka smiled, a secret smile just for herself. When Mizore was confused she ran over to me. Me. The vampire snuck a glance at her other half; judging by her expression, she hadn’t missed this turn of events.
            “Mizore.” Ura put her hands on the yuki-onna’s shoulders in an attempt to calm her down. “Mizore, it’s alright. Kokoa somehow got Omote to look into Lilith’s Mirror, and, well, here we are.”
            “Lilith’s Mirror?” Mizore’s ice blue eyes looked from Ura to Omote. She lifted a hand to toy anxiously with the lollipop in her mouth. “What does that mean? Will you guys stay separated forever?”
            “Probably not forever,” Omote assured Mizore. Ura frowned at her.
            “Though that would be an interesting turn of events, wouldn’t it?” Ura asked, not really a question that required an answer. Mizore stared at Ura, and then at Omote, and in shock she fell to the ground, unconscious. Ura managed to catch her before she hit.

            Mizore couldn’t decide if she liked waking up in Moka’s room or not. This time, at least, she was fully clothed. She went to sit up only to realize that she was already sitting. Her eyes snapped open when she realized that she was tied to a chair.
            “Ah, so the snow woman awakens,” Inner Moka said. Mizore would have recognized that voice anywhere. She looked over to see Ura leaning against the closed door, arms crossed, a seductive smile playing across her lips. Mizore involuntarily crossed and un-crossed her legs, and Ura’s smile grew. Mizore knew she hadn’t missed a thing.
            A cough sounded from the other side of the room. Mizore glanced over to see Omote sulking on the edge of the bed. She brightened when Mizore acknowledged her with a small smile.
            “Why am I tied up?” She asked, glancing from one Moka to the other.
            “I didn’t want you to leave like you did last time,” Inner Moka said, and then her smile changed into something that wasn’t seductive so much as possessive—it seemed to scream Mine! and Mizore couldn’t contain the little gasp that escaped her. She knew, later, that she had wanted to react. She wanted to gasp. In that moment, all she could give Moka was her reactions, and that was the best she could do.

            Inner Moka had never been more confident. She had never had a reason to be shy, or insecure. She supposed that she should have been rather shaken up; who would choose a girl with her personality when they could have a girl with Omote’s personality? Thank goodness she was a vampire and would never lose her looks. Despite all her badassery, Inner Moka was actually incredibly intelligent.
            Right now, though, she was incredibly turned on. Mizore sat on their desk chair, tied up to it. The rope—it wasn’t really a rope, but several sashes from several robes tied together—was just tight enough to outline her great body. Ura refrained herself from licking her lips in anticipation of the coming feast. If Omote hadn’t been there, she would already be ravaging the snow woman.
            Her red eyes cut across the room to the other girl. She didn’t want to share Mizore with her. She didn’t want to share her with anyone at all. She knew that she was being slightly silly; this was her other half, after all, but she resented her nonetheless. Call her old-fashioned, but the mere thought of seeing Omote touch Mizore—her Mizore—had her burning up inside. Ura fisted her hands at her side and fought the nearly overwhelming urge to kick Omote into next Tuesday.
            She was determined to make Mizore hers.

            The room had gotten cold suddenly. Mizore knew from the way Outer Moka’s eyes widened that she, too, felt the chill. Inner Moka, though, didn’t react at all. She instead moved towards Mizore, adding just enough swing to her hips to keep Mizore’s ice blue eyes glued to them. Inner Moka seemed to know it.
            Omote, as Mizore had heard Inner Moka call her, watched from the bed, fingering her rosario. Her green eyes were narrowed angrily, as if she, too, was in love with Mizore, who couldn’t fathom why either girl would love her of all people.
            Inner Moka finally reached Mizore. She reached out a hand, cutting loose the ropes that bound the snow woman with one quick motion. Mizore didn’t move. The vampire seemed pleased with this turn of events; she crawled onto Mizore’s lap and ran her fingers through her purple hair.
            “You know,” she purred, “We just might end up staying separated like this. If we do…” she paused to lean in and rake her lips down Mizore’s forehead. “If we do, you will need to choose one of us.”
            “No!” Outer Moka stood suddenly and shouted. “No, this isn’t fair! You’re seducing her! Of course she’ll choose you, if…if you can do that!”
            “Are you saying you can’t?”
            With that, Omote ran out the room, slamming the door behind her. It seemed to Mizore that perhaps the truth of Inner Moka’s statement had hit a nerve, one that Omote herself had been toying with all along.
            Moka turned back to Mizore.
            “Which one of us will you choose? You must choose one,” She said. Mizore was finding it extremely difficult to speak when Moka was talking in that sultry voice in her ear. She opened her mouth, then closed it. She couldn’t find the right words.
            Mizore had known all along that the one she wanted was Inner Moka. She had known, in her heart, the first moment she saw her. She had been slightly traumatized then from all that had happened previously, but Inner Moka had shone like a bright light on a cold winter evening. Inner Moka herself was cold, but that was alright because Mizore, too, was cold. Frozen. Despite that, she found herself warming up, almost to the point of it being uncomfortable.
            “Just say yes. You just have to choose me.”
            Mizore opened her mouth once again, and for the first time since Inner Moka had straddled her, she managed to find her voice.
            The seductive vampire smiled at her. “Somehow I knew you would say that.” She scratched her fingernail lightly down the side of Mizore’s neck, who shuddered at the sensation.
            That night, Inner Moka showed her all the reasons she was glad that Mizore had chosen her and not Omote.

            The Chairman stood at his window and stroked his chin thoughtfully. There was a knock on the door behind him, and he turned to see the separated vampires standing before him, one shuffling nervously, and the other ice cold. He smiled.
            “Ah, the vampires have arrived. Now, I do have a solution to your little problem. A few, in fact, so you may choose one after you hear me out.” They nodded. “I can have Ruby perform a spell which will restore each of you to your previous strength, but you will remain separated, and you,” he gestured with his chin toward Omote, “will not transform into her when your rosary is taken off. You, however, have no need of one,” he gestured to the other Moka. “There is another, more dangerous and painful method which will put both of you back the way you were. But you will need to choose one now, because if you remain like this, without either spell having been performed, you will die. Both of you.”
            Omote twisted her hands nervously. “I—I want to stay like this! I don’t want her inside me again. I want to stay me.”
            “I, too, wish to remain myself,” Ura said, her voice monotonous as usual.
            “Then we shall begin,” the Chairman said with a wicked smile.

            The spell was completed early the next day. The Chairman hadn’t said a thing about where they would be staying, so Ura collected her things from Omote’s room and made her way to Mizore. She knew that the other girl would be sleeping, and so she opened the door of her own accord. Inside wasn’t what she expected; she had expected it to be dull and unfeminine, but it was just the opposite.
            Crystal snowflakes hung from the ceiling on silk strings. The walls were ice blue, with gorgeous snowflakes painted here and there for effect. The window was left open, though the air outside was warm to the snow woman. Mizore lay on her bed, wearing her socks, panties and tank top. Moka smiled and set her things down by the door, stripping to her own blood red underwear and joining Mizore in bed. She was just warm enough to wake up the girl.
            “Moka?” she asked sleepily.
            “Yes, my love. It’s me. Go back to sleep.”
            “Are you going to stay with me?” Moka knew that she didn’t mean for the night, or for the rest of the school year. She knew Mizore wanted to know if she and Omote were forever separated. She whispered yes into the night air and pulled Mizore into her arms. Inner Moka was planning on spending several lifetimes with this girl; she imagined ice cold winters spent with her. She imagined cuddling in the bath and sleeping together at night. She imagined Mizore laughing so hard her lollipop fell out. Moka imagined their life together, and she couldn’t see any other way to live. It was in that moment that the vampire truly fell in love with Mizore, and she was glad that it wasn’t with anyone else.



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